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Wrong Coin

is the only link with our community.
the status of the holder changes depending on the available coins.

Wrong Service is a reciprocal service exchange between holders of WrongCoin

The interaction of any nature prohibited by the laws of countries.
"A customer submits an order in the general chat with a brief description and a price, and after selecting a performer, the details of the order are discussed in an individual chat."

"WrongBank" accepts the deposit from both parties to guarantee an accurate submission and execution of an order. The deposit will be frozen until the order is confirmed. In the event of failure of the performer to execute an order, his entire deposit becomes the property of the Global Fund for information acquisition (GFIA).

The Wrong Service Exchange starts working on 1st May 2018.

Personal orders of any kind for our company. Orders are executed anywhere in the world, but you must take into account the flight cost and visa processing time (if required). Orders are accepted only from participants with the BL status (1000 WrongCoin)

Information acquisition groups

Information acquisition groups (inside, police, tax and other inspections, upcoming legislative acts and more) Starting from 10th December 2017, the participants with the A status (5000 WgC) can create private channels, givings the participants with various statuses access to it. It will be necessary to pay the entrance fee (frozen for the period of participation in the group) and the monthly fee for the delivery of information. The funds are spent by creators of the groups to obtain information from police officers or other informants. A private chat with a creator of the group will also be available for the unique information transmission. Any traitor is deprived of access to the service, and his frozen funds are redistributed between the group members.

Purchase of WgC

Status WgC

Daily growth: 1.228% until november 1

Cource: =$1.260992408

Order Now

WrongCoin will be sent to your Ethereum wallet by the end of the day (how to create Ethereum wallet).
In case you send money in another way, do not forget to send your Etherium Wallet to our email 1wrongcoin@gmail.com

1WGC= $1.260992408

No mining through graphics cards!

Onlyreal actions can bring you free WgC or money. Bounty Program will last several months with the budget of $30,000,000 (link) The total budget of the Global Fund for information acquisition (GFIA) is $50,000,000. When the Bounty Program ends, GFIA, which is regularly replenished, will pay money to community members for providing valuable information and for actions benefiting the WgC community.

The priority value of WgC is relations and reliability of participants. Therefore, anyone with only 1 WgC can become the leader of his group and earn the rest of WgC by using only his perseverance and skills. You contribute to the success of WgC – you receive some coins. You deliver unique benefits to the WgC community – you receive WrongCoins or US dollars to any account specified.

Everything must be confirmed by videos or photos.

The following is our code of conduct.
Those not wishing to comply with it can not use the services of our community.

BTC38 - 1.11.2017 / Coinbase GDAX - 5.10.2017 / Kraken 10.10.2017

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